Friday, February 29, 2008

Syllable Segmentation Software

Pls download and try Burmese Syllable Segmenter.
It is a free software. But the source may not be open. After a complete documentation, we will publish the technology.


aTxIvG4001 said...

Hi bro,

Great Works!

and good user guide as well

|သည္ Latin စာ|
is this proper syllable breaking?

I am not sure about eng mixed word support not. And I am not very good in breaking, may b i am wrong :)

Best Regards,
Mark, Soe Min

Bamarmalay said...

Burmese syllabe breaking program is just for Unicode Version 5.1 compliant data (font like Myanmar3, Padauk, Parabaik, etc.,).

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Matthew said...

Many thanks. So it's only for pure unicode, not zawgyi?

Micheal Gibbs said...

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Than Lwin Aung said...

Thank you so much.