Thursday, October 18, 2007

Burmese Sorting

I had made a lot of research for Burmese Sorting in recent years. Now, I have developed an algorithm successfully. It can sort all the data as long as the data is compliant with the standard ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 and technical notes UTN#11.

The fonts which compliant with the above mentioned standard are (as long as I know) Myanmar2, Myanmar3, Parabike and Padauk. There may be many more with compliant with the standard. The input (keyboard) should also be in compliant with the above mentioned standard.

It can sort out the input with the order of dictionary (Burmese-Burmese Dictionary, Burmese-English Dictionary) released by Myanmar Language Commission.

With the help of my colleague, I have developed a sample software and a .dll file for sorting.

Since all the cost incurs to me, I need some money to recover the research cost. I will provide the sample software free but I will sell .dll file with some cost. .dll file can be used by the developers who wish to include the Burmese sorting in their own programs.

I will upload the sample software in a few days. ( I can't use internet at office. I upload it as soon as I can get a chance. )

For developers, please contact me to wunnakoko at gmail dot com. I will provide you the detail for the cost.

No Internet Connection at Myanmar Unicode & NLP Research Center

The internet access was not available to public in Myanmar from 28th September 2007 but it restored to normal condition by 15th October 2007. But the authorities at Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) blogged the staffs of Myanmar Unicode and NLP Research center till today.

I don't know when will they open back again. This makes the advancement of NLP research to a very slow condition.