Friday, August 31, 2007

Our Discussion group

We have created a google group for discussion about Myanmar NLP development. I like to invite all the interested people to join and post at

What is Font?

Some people put messages about "FONT". So, I like to contribute some information on "FONT". The interested people can learn about "FONT" at the following sites:
w3 (World Wide Web Consortium) says as
wiki (The free encyclopedia) says as

I like to let people know that font is not to sort, break, etc. The background encoding has to be used for syllable break, sorting, word breaking, etc.

In Myanmar, there are many magicians. The magicians use technology to show magic to people. So, people think it is true.

I like to give a general logic here.
1 ft= 12 x 1 inch
so 12 times of 1 in (from Myanmar) has to be the same with 1 ft (from United States). Am I right?

It is called "STANDARD". If "SORTING" is OK, all Unicode encoded text can be sorted. Why it is only for the specific "FONT" and any product. It is like 12 times of 1 in (from Myanmar) is not equal to 1 ft (from United States).

It is also the same for "BREAK" and other processes.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unicode Font (OR) Unicode Compliant Font

Unicode consortium do not develop any font. The font developers develop font. There can be Unicode compliant fonts and Unicode non-compliant fonts. If someone wants to sure that the font is Unicode compliant or not, check with the Unicode system.
Myanmar 3, the latest release of our NLP research team, is the Unicode compliant font. The main reason Myanmar 3 is reliable and Unicode compliant is that the Unicode system for Myanmar is created with us.

Download Links

We provide some downloads which are the products of our team. These products (softwares, fonts, publications, documents, etc) are created by all or one of the members of Myanmar NLP research center.
(Point the cursor on the following links. Right click on the mouse, choose "save target as".)
Myanmar 3 Font and Keyboard
Myanmar 3 Font Only

Monday, August 13, 2007

Who are we?

Basically, all the interested persons of Myanmar Unicode can write blog here. The core bloggers will be from the Myanmar NLP Team who are working on Myanmar Natural Language Processing.
Natural Language Processing is a kind of computer processing specialized for Human Language, like Burmese, Karen, English, Japanese, etc. which is referred as Natural Language in computer processing circle in order to differentiate Computer Programming Langauge like, C, C++, C#, Java, VB, etc.
This blog is to discuss the latest events on Myanmar NLP and also for people's point of view on Myanmar Unicode and other encodings.
We welcome all the participants' +ve and -ve points of view and discussions.