Friday, February 29, 2008


Some of our publications:


Wunna Ko Ko & Thin Zar Phyo, 2008 Selection of XML Tag Set for Myanmar National Corpus The 6th Workshop on Asian Language Resources (ALR6), IJCNLP08, Hyderabad, India. Slides


Wunna Ko Ko, 2007 Burmese Language Enabling at Annual Conference of Myanmar Engineering Society, Yangon, Myanmar. Slides


Wunna Ko Ko, Yoshiki Mikami Languages of Myanmar in Cyberspace Nagaoka University of Technology Bulletin on Language Science and Humanity, Vol. 19. pp.249-264 (2005)

Zavarsky Pavol, Wunna Ko Ko, Yew Choong Chew, Yoshiki Mikami, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Unicode Spreading on the Web: A case of Asian & African Domains, Internationalization and Unicode Conference 2006, San Francisco, USA, March 2006

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