Saturday, September 15, 2007

Syllable Segmentation & Line Breaking Software

I hope we can publish the beta version of Syllable Segmentation Software in near future. Although, it is in beta version, we have already tested for a period of time. The software will do the following:
1. Phonologic segmentation of Burmese Syllables
2. Orthographic segmentation of Burmese Syllables
3. Line Breaking or Word Wrapping

It can handle three types of documents:
1. Text Documents (.txt) files
2. XML Documents (.xml) files
3. MS Word Documents (.doc) files

By handling XML documents, we hope that it will be useful for segmenting all types of other documents like Spreadsheet files, Database files, etc.

I hope all of our friends and Burmese community will help us in testing it.


Mark (Soe Min) said...


UchihaMadara said...

Great job! Thanks for your work.
But the Syllable segment tool still has an issue: it omit all line break (\nl, \r\n) when writing output file.